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Lenka Semecka Photo


I graduated from the Boston University Film program with a concentration in screenwriting and sociology. Both concentrations have proven surprisingly helpful when I write. It turns out watching people and studying story beats in movies translates well to the page.


 I've lived in five different countries in the past decade but I mostly live in the land of my mind, where I create universes out of thin air and lots of research. 


My short stories and articles have been published in Format.Papier, Naturally Curly, Slippage Lit, and the Atlanta Jewish Times.


I speak English, Spanish, Hebrew, and am learning German. If you can't tell, I have a thing for words and language. Please send me all of your fun etymology and linguistics facts. I will reward you with chocolate. 


You can usually spot me reading a good book in a park or walking the streets of Zurich with my camera, but to clear my mind I like to ride my bicycle, hike in the mountains, and add new additions to my collection of bull statues. 

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