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My story, PROOF OF ALINA, has been published in the Jewish Futures anthology edited by Michael A. Bursein.

From the site: 

Fantastic Books is delighted to announce a new anthology of original science fiction stories that will speculate on the future of the Jewish people. What will Jews be up to fifty years from now? A hundred? A thousand? Will the Jewish people still be mostly living where they are now? Will Judaism still be recognizable in the many forms in which it exists today? Will there be Jewish aliens or Jewish robots? These stories will present the possibilities.


Jewish Futures is edited by Michael A. Burstein, multiple Hugo and Nebula finalist and winner of the Campbell/Astounding Award for Best New Writer.

It has been mentioned in The Atlantic Daily, Publishers Weekly, and more. 

In 2023 I will have a short story about Jewish pirates published in the Days of Awe Anthology

From the announcement:

DAYS OF AWE, edited by Aviva Blakeman, is intended to be an anthology of fiction showcasing tales of Jewish resistance and triumph in the face of antisemitism. And that’s any form of antisemitism–its not only Nazis and Inquisitors.

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Days of Awe - Final.png
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